Enterprise Communication


A diverse portfolio of communications solutions that optimise business efficiency by keeping staff connected anytime, anywhere and reducing operating costs throughout your enterprise.


Reduced costs • Increased productivity • Increased collaboration • Improved communication • Anytime network access using any device • Free calls by keeping communications on our network • Best-of-breed technology with full redundancy and security • One call to one number for all your service requirements • Improved, low cost access to information on the move


  • Centralised management, support and maintenance
  • Centralised billing and reporting
  • Managed WAN infrastructure services
  • Quality-of-Service with L2 and L3 routing
  • Multi Data-Center interconnects and failover
  • Easy scalability and expansion


As a Tier 1 provider with our own extensive network, we provide customised converged communications solutions that respond to real world business challenges.

From consultation to implementation, to ongoing management and support, we offer an end-to-end connectivity solution and a single point of contact, giving our clients peace of mind and the freedom to focus on their business.

From 3G to LTE, Broadband to Premium, Dedicated Microwave or Fibre, we can provide and support everything from single site voice and data to complex VPN MPLS requirements.


  • Optimized virtual environment
  • High availability (always on)
  • Disaster Recovery and resiliency
  • Reduced infrastructure
  • Reduced service costs
  • Always available VDI and terminals
  • Managed future roadmap


Reduced capital outlay costs. Flexible usage models. Anywhere, anytime, any device accessibility. We are able to offer you all the benefits of cloud computing through our portfolio of services. These include virtual and dedicated hosting, storage and backup.

Public, private or hybrid cloud? We’ll assess your needs and customise the solution that best suits your business. Keeping your data secure is part of the package with built-in assurance of high availability (HA), redundancy and disaster recovery.

We can offer Voice, Unified Communication & Collaboration and Contact Center in the Cloud, or legacy onsite. You decide!

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Reduce travel costs, increase distance collaboration, decrease your carbon emissions and enhance efficiency.


  • Single-number for easy reachability
  • Around the clock business continuity
  • Total connectivity with fixed and mobile convergence
  • Freedom of choice: On-premise, Cloud, or Hybrid
  • Easy number porting puts you in control
  • Communicate cost-effectively – anywhere, any time


  • Engaged and productive workforce
  • Efficiency. Less time wasted and less travel
  • Virtual meetings for easy video collaboration and content sharing
  • Mobile workers easily contactable
  • Integrated national/international offices
  • Easy integration of users’ personal communication devices


UCC allows users to communicate in whatever manner they choose using any interconnected device so that access is streamlined and efficient.

Our cloud capabilities mean you subscribe to a UC system using our data centers.

All of our voice solutions can be expanded into full, feature-rich UCC scalable solutions.

Our solutions are simple yet comprehensive; are inclusive of hardware and software; and adhere to industry standards and best practices.

Hear, see and collaborate with your team, wherever they are in the world. Work where you are, not only in the office!


  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Multi-media blending and reporting, including Social Media
  • Convenient self-service-portal
  • Measurable metrics, analytics and reporting
  • Easy identification of good vs weak agents
  • Optimised workforce scheduling and adherence
  • Automated customer surveys


The call center has become the contact center. Once the sole domain of voice communications, today’s contact center needs to be multi-channel and incorporate email, SMS, web chat and social media for multi-media blending. That’s where Itec’s solutions come in.

We offer:

  • Multichannel Contact Center Solutions
  • Outbound Contact Center Solutions
  • Inbound Contact Center Solutions
  • Workforce Management and Recording Solutions


Cost control – no more:

  • business cellphone call/data claims
  • industrial / mine / warehouse-worker call management
  • fleet-driver cellphone airtime being issued

Allowing users to roam the office without limitation

Real-time access to all of the organisation facilities/users

Seamless user experience and usability


The days of the “one size fits all” office are gone. Whether they are desk-bound, mobile, or work from home, users demand the same feature-rich converged communications experience, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Our enterprise mobility solutions enable people to remain connected and collaborative and to perform and be productive wherever they may be:

  • Mobile Convergence
  • Solutions for Mobile Worker
  • Solutions for Remote Workers
  • Private Mobile GSM and Mobile Extension


  • Protection through voice and data encryption
  • Safe guarding Intellectual property
  • Distributed workforce, without the risk
  • Reliable backup of business critical data
  • Transparent reliability and stability


At Itec, we do not compromise on security because Security of IP telephony is as important as data protection. We utilise best-of-breed partners and technologies to provide you with the best solution to secure your information.


  • Evidence for the court of law
  • Data integrity and retention
  • Accepted health and safety policy
  • Accepted Human Resource policy
  • Audit tracking
  • Report automation


All our solutions are ICASA approved. Itec will help you comply with FICA, FAIS, POPI, PCI, Basel and NCA requirements, as we conform to the provisions of the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act No. 25 of 2002 to enforce the strictest possible security requirements within best business practices. Itec subscribes wherever feasible to best business practices and therefore only single user accountability on the Administration server is allowed.


  • Tablet for use at home and school
  • Can be locked off for schoolwork only
  • Anytime, anywhere access to educational resources
  • Loads of free education content
  • Experienced teachers on call until 9pm
  • Synched calendars and reminders so students never forget anything
  • Easier revision and catch up of lessons
  • Device and data security
  • eWallet for education related purchases


unite-EDThis comprehensive solution makes learning, teaching, collaboration and communications much easier and more effective. Developed in partnership with local and international education platform specialists, Unite:ED is designed to benefit every user in a school – from the principal, administrators and teachers to learners and parents. The solution includes a tablet, access to software, connectivity and an e-wallet, all available through a range of affordable finance options.