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Reliable, cost-effective print, copy, fax and scan solutions that optimise everyday tasks while improving information and data security.


Transparency • Cost control • Improve business processes • Proactive monitoring • Print anywhere • Free fax-to-email



In today’s tough business climate, 90% of organisations either don’t know or underestimate their document output costs. The reality is printing and imaging can cost the average enterprise up to 3% of annual revenue. Do you know what these functions are costing you? Minimise these “invisible” costs with our industry leading document management and print solutions.


Itec, in partnership with Lexmark International, offers a wide range of feature-rich printers to meet your printing needs. All are supported by our National Resolution Centre and of top-notch service technicians.



  • Reduce printing costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary printing
  • Detailed usage reporting
  • Improved access control and document security
  • Increased flexibility for mobile users
  • No need for personal printers
  • Print from mobile devices
  • Redundancy – retrievee from another device when one fails


  • Award-winning optimised workflow solutions
  • Better speed, quality, usability
  • Security through IP filtering and hard drive encryption
  • A touch screen as easy as a tablet
  • User interface customised to suit individual needs


Itec offers a comprehensive range of industry leading multi-function peripherals (MFPs) and printers. Our devices are designed to put more power in less space, be easy to use and enable plug-and-play integration of software solutions. All are supported by our National Resolution Centre and top-notch service technicians.


  • Itec A3 PDF Brochures
  • Itec C224 / C284 / C364 / C454 / C554
  • Itec C368 / C308
  • Itec C754 / C654


We provide an extensive range of digital printing systems for use in high volume, high quality environments. These systems are ideal for marketing departments, print service providers, repro houses and other high-volume corporate users. Itec encourages print businesses to find and focus on new opportunities to save money, improve productivity, add new services and increase profits.



  • Flexibility, efficiency and cost competitiveness
  • Automated job handling
  • Meet the increasing demand for short-run printing
  • Enjoy ease of use, features, reliability and seamless integration


Track, audit and control all printing and photocopying on your network.

This solution allows for user tracking, inter-departmental and client/project code billing. It is not limited to any particular printer vendor and tracks all print jobs printed through Windows print servers or workstations printing direct-to-IP.


Transform the way you manage, secure and share information by organising and processing content based on what it is rather than where it resides.

Our systems integrate with printers and MFPs to boost productivity and streamline processes. Simplify the management of documents by automating processes such as document or data capture. Route and store information to facilitate easy retrieval at any time. Eliminate the need to save documents in paper form, saving both space and resources. Download Doc Nav and M-Files brochures.


Document Navigator helps organisations of all sizes improve the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of their paper-based information workflows. Operated by an embedded MFP application, or the native Windows client, Document Navigator can convert your day-to-day business documents into editable, electronic files and route them to the desired location, rapidly.

Capture, process, distribute – it’s all o easy with Navigator

Document Navigator Server Brochure
Document Navigator Essentials Brochure


  • Simple and easy to use application
  • Reduce your scanning steps from 3 to 1 (Scan, Capture/Rename & Store) Digitise documents, reduce loss or damage of physical paper and information
  • Improve image quality for better, more legible documents


  • Scalable, flexible and customisable
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates chaos
  • Addresses compliance requirements
  • Streamlines document lifecycle
  • Reduces time wastage and improves efficiency
  • Find information instantly, from anywhere
  • Remote, Web, Mobile and Offline access


It’s easy to get lost in confusing acronyms: EIM, ECM, ERP, CRM…

M-Files cuts through the jargon. It’s a solution that manages all of your stuff (like documents, projects and business processes) and adds intelligence by combining it with information from other systems (like SharePoint, Salesforce and SAP). This ensures your workflows are optimised and you can always find what you need, no matter what system you’re using.

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M-Files Brochure


  • Optimised device uptime
  • No user intervention required for toner or service orders
  • Automated alert notifications, counter readings and billing info
  • Proactive service – one visit to maintain multiple devices
  • Easier fleet management and optimisation


Our proprietary Sentry solution dramatically reduces device downtime. Sentry automates the detection and reporting of many common service and maintenance issues which enables us to proactively manage your devices remotely 24/7.

Download Sentry brochure


  • Put environmental sustainability on your organisation’s agenda
  • Track and mitigate your office automation related carbon footprint
  • Support recognised Carbon sequestration projects


Itec is the first office automation solutions provider in SA to offer sustainability solutions as a value added service to clients. Our Carbon Neutral initiative can enable you to neutralise the environmental impact of your printers, copiers and multi-function devices in a simple, auditable and sustainable manner.


  • Reduce overheads and administration
  • Focus on your business
  • Optimise back office environment


Reduce your total document output costs by as much as 30% by allowing us to manage and maintain your print infrastructure. We will also optimise your unique document environment and consolidate and centralise your print infrastructure.

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  • No prying eyes
  • No charges, no limits
  • No fax machine required
  • No paper jams
  • No lost faxes


Eliminate the need for a dedicated fax line, fax machine, fax paper and maintenance while guaranteeing the security and privacy of fax correspondence. For free.

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To help our clients work smarter, not harder is our mantra at Itec. Take a couple of minutes to read our whitepapers (a worthwhile exercise, we assure you) and discover how Itec solutions can help you solve business problems and operate more efficiently than you ever thought possible.